Sunday, February 25, 2018

Work begins on the border wall in Calexico, CA.

Story is from the San Diego Union Tribune. San Diego is 120 miles west of Calexico.

Customs and Border Protection is replacing a little more than two miles in downtown Calexico, a sliver of the president's plan for a “big, beautiful wall” with Mexico. A barrier built in the 1990s from recycled metal scraps and landing mat will be torn down for bollard-style posts that are 30 feet high, significantly taller than existing walls.
Landing mats are the pads that gymnasts bounce around on. And they're all metal grates that can roll up that military airplanes can take off and land on where tarmacs are damaged or nonexistent.

Bollards are phallic symbols.  So great, a two-mile long row of 30 feet-tall phallic symbols. Take that, Mexico.

More details at the link, including legal challenges involving a judge that Trump taunted during his campaign.

Comments at San Diego are surprisingly supportive. I expected much more empty partisan snipping. Such as seen at Legal Insurrection. Lawyer types sure do get shrill when they feel cornered. Some dude calls everyone idiots for supporting Trump and allowing his flip-flopping. He's triggered by a comment about promises kept so he spews all perceived Trump promises unkept without allowing any extenuating circumstances like his own resistance. He's ignored.


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Got to see another one - for that I am grateful.

House Intel Committee Releases Democrats’ Dossier Memo

Democrats say their document clarifies the FBI and DOJ's application for a warrant to spy on Carter Page who was President' Donald Trump's campaign advisor at the time. (Their real target was Trump)

They dispute Republican claims that FBI and DOJ relied on unverified Steele dossier to obtain the FISA warrant and also failed to disclose it was funded by Hillary Clinton's campaign and the DNC. (Without mentioning why FISA Judge Rudolph Contratas was forcefully recused, not self-recuised as we were told)

Democrats also claim the FISAs against Page allowed FBI to collect valuable intelligence, that portion of their evidence is largely redacted. They rebut Republican claim that FBI and DOJ omitted material facts about Steele in th eFISA applications. (Saying so doesn't make it so, they're lying again.)

Nobody sensible believes a single doodle.

House Republicans Release Rebuttal To Democratic Intel Memo

Republican rebuttal to Democrat rebuttal concentrates on ignored and omitted information notably Michael Isikoff's Yahoo News article, Christopher Steele's credibility, Hillary campaign and the DNC. They say the Democrat memo is unpersuasive and attempts to distract from the Committee's key findings. They say the heavily redacted details supposedly corroborating the Steele dossier leaves many questions. 

More interesting than all this Democrat hogwash that works only on Democrat dummkopfs is Devin Nunes speaking at CPAC who makes universal sense.  Well worth your time.

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Part III, The Scheme Team

Who -- This third video put together by the Conservative Treehouse shows the primary players within the scheme to discredit Donald Trump and secure the election of Hillary Clinton. Failing that, to lead to the impeachment of President Donald Trump.

Why -- The first video, Federal Contractor Spying, covers the background of DOJ / FBI FISA Court abuses.
How -- The second video, Assault on the Constitution, shows how the DOJ and FBI used false information given the FISA Court to go obtain a Title-1 surveillance warrant

This one is for Spinelli

I decided to watch "Let it Go", a comedy special done by Bill Burr in 2010. My first impression is that ol' Bill has a few anger issues, just sayin'. Fortunately he works it out through comedy. Boy is on edge to say the least. His standup routines are very good, he manages to stay agitated for an hour - what discipline! As a pet owner there was one bit I could relate to, about getting a dog from a pound. In an alter ego voice Burr says "This is my dog, he's a rescue, I rescued him!" Then, as himself "You rescued it? You pulled it out of a burning building? You jumped into a river with your wingtips on? With no concern for your own safety? No - you went to the pound and got a free dog!"

Of course his over-the-top delivery contributes to that sketch. Mere words alone just can't convey the contempt he expresses for people's virtue signaling.

The reason I liked that bit is because I actually did rescue a cat a couple of years ago. The building she and her 6 kittens were in was not on fire, more like very slow motion oxidation. It was a shanty that was returning to the earth. Every system was failing - the field stone foundation - falling down. The floor and porch joists - rotten. The roof - well, I guess it was a roof once. Anyway, the mooks that lived there, in squalor, with no power, weren't really taking care of the animals so a friend of mine, who had been delivering food to them one day decided to go over and remove all the cats from the premises. We walked up, she kicked in the door (holy cow - even I might have been reluctant to do that), she grabbed the kittens which were inside while I grabbed the momma cat out on the front porch.

I documented that moment just in case there was some action taken against us, we loaded the 7 cats into my car and took them to the pound. After all the necessary tests, operations, vaccinations and whatnot were done, I went down and adopted that very same cat. It's been nearly two years now and while she will never be as calm as a cat raised around actual humans, she is doing okay.

The junkies moved away, all of the related cats found homes, and I was successfully able to resist the urge to burn down the shanty. Yeah, people who mistreat pets make me angry, but I try to keep things in perspective - the cats are safe and that's what matters.

This is a picture of how she looks these days - amazing what having regular food and no kittens will do for an old girl.

Crank up the volume to feel the power of this composition played on that instrument.


I just want to point out this sale because I think it's a great opportunity. The knife is rated 4+1/2 stars from 111 reviews on Amazon. Usually $100.00 (they say, pffft) on sale for $15.40

I bought one yesterday. And I don't even need another knife. I just really love sharp knives. It's just that I wouldn't forgive myself for passing up the opportunity.

I bought a knife last week. Another of these massively reduced ones on Amazon. Similar thing, 100 dollar knife reduced to 15.50.  I wasn't expecting much. I expected it to fall apart or get dull very fast, or be cheap in some way. But it's automatically become my favorite knife.

It's not so cheap as it was last week. Now it's 30.00. So I'm not recommending it, just showing. It's flaw is my knuckles hit the cutting board due to the angle of the handle and the blade. I must use it at the edge of the cutting surface so my hand is not over the cutting board. 

The box it comes in is very good too. It has little magnets on the side to keep it shut. This knife was certainly worth more than the $15.00 I paid. And I realized that I could have bought more of them and passed them out as gifts. Such a small price for such a great gift. 

Imagine it, "Here. Have yourself a knife." And give them a knife that turns out to be their favorite. I think I just convinced myself to buy a few more. Then next week, who knows, Amazon will put another knife on sale like this.

Kimbal Musk

Sara Silverstein for Money Insider interviews Kimbal Musk about his food empire.

 This is the first that I heard of this guy. I like this interview a lot. I like her interviewing style, her questions are simple and she allows his exposition, and I like what he says. Plus he's given me two places in the area that I must check out. One is within walking distance, if you're a good walker.

Trudeau invites a terrorist to dinner then disinvites after the uproar

Trudeau ignited a firestorm by inviting convicted terrorist Sikh separatist, Jaspal Atwal, to dinner. The Canadian government claims a vetting process failure was responsible for the invitation.

Jaspal Atwal and three others were convicted of attempted murder of Malkiat Singh Sindu, who another team of Sikh militants eventually did kill. Atwal later admitted to a parole board that he was trigger man in the first attack. The attack occurred on Vancouver Island.

The group that Atwal belonged to remains a terrorist group in Canada, India and the United States.

Worse, Atwal had already attended an event and was photographed with Trudeau's wife, Sophie.

There's even more damaging information at Breitbart. It's all wearisome and familiar. More liberal politics and its affection for violent disruptive elements.

The thing that amazes me is the vehement hatred of Trudeau to 100% seen in the comments. I have trouble understanding this. Why are Americans so worked up about Canadian politics?

And behind all this and going unmentioned, at least through the comments that mention everything else, Trump is dealing Canada (and Mexico) a very serious economic blow. Actually, Trump is holding back their their straining arms and telling them both, "stop punching yourself," and simply letting go of their arms. Boom. They both punch themselves right in their own face. A real master is smacking around an unserious student. Nobody mentions that. Have you ever seen a larger breed dog, say, a German shepherd attack a smaller breed dog, pick them up by the neck and shake it violently as if the smaller dog is a rodent? That is what Trump is doing to Trudeau economically by disengaging from NAFTA. The situation reminds me of my nephew playing tick-tac-toe where he can see only his immediate move. It is not possible for the young nephew to imagine what my next move will be. He cannot think one tic-tac-toe move ahead. That is Justin Trudeau. Trump tells Trudeau that U.S. will withdraw from NAFTA if the backdoor to American markets for China (and others) is not closed through renegotiation. Trudeau sees it as chance to exercise his own art of the deal by tacking on a whole list of absurd liberal conceits. Same thing with Mexico. They both responded poorly to a simple insistence on closing a loophole. They could not view the situation from American point of view. They're enjoying the immediate increased industrialization from China. But when America pulls out of NAFTA that advantage to China closes and China has no use for continued industry positioned in Canada and Mexico, so those two neighbors lose it all instead of cooperating with the U.S. to repair the loophole in the treaty that makes our market available through manipulation and removes the power of the U.S. to do anything about it. Trudeau thinks that signing onto TTIP will compensate but it will not. He's terrible at simple tic-tac-toe. (Apologies, three analogies in one paragraph.) And America is not the enemy here. Trump simply wants the treaty to be fair. America and its market needn't be patsy to international trade. Free trade is fine and outstanding but that does not mean our market is wide open while all markets available to us remain protected. What is it with liberal thinking that prevents them from comprehending this?

I was speaking with a friend, trying to speak, about Trump, but that is not possible. The friend says what he feels about Trump in unassailable but disjointed bursts, all wrong, then states flatly the subject is closed because his blood pressure rises, "Look. I'm shaking." I mention Trudeau and he lights up, "Boy, the Canadians sure love him."  Well, yeah. And no.

I did not understand the stink about Trudeau wearing traditional Indian apparel. He looked fine to me. I read quite a lot of complaints but nothing was clear about why that was so bad. I read a lot of nattering things that people wrote. Everything that I saw was negative. None of it was supportive. Then yesterday I saw a gif of series of photos with text. More of all the same thing all over again. All the same things.  Then the text on one frame showing Trudeau family in Bollywood costume read:
"Imagine an Indian diplomat showing up in Canada dressed as a Royal Canadian Mounty, or a lumberjack, or a hockey player."  
*ding* Now I get it.

Imagine an Indian diplomat showing up in Washington D.C. dressed as cowboy, or wearing a Hawaiian shirt, or as an American football player, or an American farmer or plantation owner.  Dressed in Levis, and Nikes, or Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Vera Wang, or Tom Ford. Wait. Those don't work, they're popular internationally. What else is there that would be ridiculous? An Indian dressed as a Native American. That would be hilarious!

Breitbart. The comments are rich as the article. 

Hillary walks into a restaurant and the patrons stand up and applaud her

It's New York. And they're not even interesting.

However, the comments to the article at the Daily Caller are amusing. (The trolls there are very low quality.)


* She gets a standing ovation and Donald Trump Gets the presidency. I can live with that.

* I thought someone so far past menopause was no longer capable of ovation

* They were applauding because she didn’t hack on anyone’s food as she passed.

* Check please!

* She goes there to soak up the vodka a bit before going out drinking.

Man discovers Fed spy camera on his land and removes it. They demand it back, he refuses and sues

The man Richardo Palacios is 74-year-old lawyer. His ranch is in Encinal, Texas at the 35-mile marker north of Laredo, relevant because were his ranch within 25 miles of the border then he wouldn't have a case.

Palacios is unhappy with Boarder Patrol because his relationship with them has not been nice. The run roughshod and act they own the place and they roughed up his sons.

More details at arstechnica. Where we learn the cameras cost $300 each and there are estimated 4,000 of them surveilling continuously, possibly more.

Friday, February 23, 2018



Weird. I finished drawing this and opened the blog to upload it and saw Lem's post below and had a moment of confusion like ))) wah wah wah ((( But I recognized their square root symbol. It's more perfect than mine. 

We're on the same wavelength. Like this:

Amend the rule: If you see something, you might want to check first

Students in Louisiana thought this math symbol looked like a gun. Police were called