Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Bear accidentally dropped from helicopter to its death

Via twitter:  Wildlife officers in Thailand have launched an investigation after an Asian black bear was accidentally dropped from a helicopter and killed.

The bear, which was supposed to be sedated reportedly woke up and panicked, before falling from its netting after the helicopter flew into a pocket of rough weather.

“We want the investigation to be conducted in a way to prevent such a thing happening again,” said wildlife chief Wirat Chatuphon.

The bear, which was fitted with a tracker for future research, was taken by helicopter rather than a car so it could be flown deep into jungle.

Mr Chatuphon said it was unhelpful for the public to point blame, telling the Bangkok Post: “If everyone keeps looking for people to find fault with, officials will be discouraged and eventually will dare not do any work.”

Thongchai Saengprathum, secretary of the Khao Yai Foundation, said the officials involved should face legal action for negligence and that the bear should have been driven by car.

What is your to go question to kill awkward silence?

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"Did you know that the original name for Pac-Man was Puck-Man? You'd think it was because he looks like a hockey puck but it actually comes from the Japanese phrase 'Paku-Paku,' which means to flap one's mouth open and closed. They changed it because they thought Puck-Man would be too easy to vandalize, you know, like people could just scratch off the P and turn it into an F or whatever."

"What if we killed everyone with cancer to stop it from spreading"

Do you like Huey Lewis and the News?

In high school drama class a buddy forgot his line and replied awkwardly with, How about them Jays? Has been go to question ever since.

Weather is nice (if the weather is nice) Weathers not nice (if the weather is not nice)

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Kellyanne Conway pose fuels Trump impeachment talk

Via Drudge: Kellyanne Conway has been caught on camera kneeling on a couch in the Oval Office with her high heels on, while President Donald Trump posed for a photograph with the leaders from some of the country's historically black colleges and universities.

The White House adviser has come under fierce criticism on Twitter with many calling her out for how disrespectful the pose is.

At one point, with her heels digging into the delicate fabric of the couch, Conway is seen to be texting on her phone while President Trump met with his invited guests.

Check out meme extraordinare EBL's creation, as seen at the Daily Mail
Kellyanne Conway is fast and furiously becoming a meme sensation

What turns your rage meter up to 99.9?

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Lists that can only be viewed as slideshows

People getting on trains before everyone has got off.

People without any awareness of where they are fucking standing. Particularly at the grocery store where there are aisles and only a certain amount of space for others to get through.

People who stop at the end of an escalator to think about what direction they are going, I am going to walk into you, I'm sorry but I'm not sorry since I don't have a choice.

People texting and driving... they're always going a good 10+ mph slower than rest of traffic or swerving or missing a green light but the second you honk at them, you're the bad guy.

When I do a web search for something that can be answered in a single sentence, and all the results are 10 minute videos.

When a supervisor harshly reprimands and humiliates an employee in front of coworkers.

WKRLEM: Waiting for April

Everybody is waiting for April.

April the giraffe.

She is knocked up and going to drop a baby. They are live streaming it on the Internet.

The nation is mesmerized.

Monday, February 27, 2017

This is not a joke

This is not a joke is the theme of everything going on today

What are you too old for?

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Asking to use the restroom at work.

Party like a rock star and still be expected to get up the next day and function at all.

Pub crawls. You find a pub, it's warm and comfy, you have somewhere to sit, and in an hour you have to get up and walk somewhere. Normally the second place won't have any seats. I'd rather just find a place and stick with it.

Drinking heavily on a Friday night. I only get 2 days off a week, and I'll be buggered if I'm going to spend them feeling like crap.

Negativity from so called friends. People who just can't be happy for other people and their achievements, and treat such things like direct competition.

WKRLEM: See what happens when you mock the God Emperor?


Nate Silver counted the votes! 
Of course the crap movie about the black gay drug dealer had to get the affirmative action Oscar!

Thank God I was watching the giraffe giving birth live stream all night.

You can't make this crap up.


Sunday, February 26, 2017

WKRLEM: Great new show on CMT.......Sun Records

It has everything. Sam Philips. BB King. Ike Turner. Carl Perkins. Jerry Lee. Johnny Cash. Elvis.

The only put out the first episode on YouTube. It looks great.

If someone says "Tell me a joke", what is the first joke you tell them?

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A sailor sits down at the bar and orders a drink.
He looks to his left and there's a pirate with a peg leg, hook hand, and eye patch.
The sailor asks how the leg was lost. "A gator ripped off me leg while burying gold in Florida." He asks next how he lost his hand. "A shark bit ma hand off while I was throwing the gator into the sea."
Amazed at the pirate's bravery, he asked how the man lost his eye. "A seagull shit in me eye." The sailor was shocked and asked, "a bird shit in your eye and you lost it??"
The pirate said, "it was my first day with the hook."


A Buddhist walks up to a hot dog vendor and says, "make me one with everything."

^(If this doesn't work on its own, there is an extension:)

The vendor gives him a hot dog and the Buddhist gives him a twenty dollar bill. After a moment of waiting, the Buddhist asks, "Where's my change?" The vendor smiles and says, "Ahh, change must come from within."


An infinite number of mathematicians walk into a bar. Bartender asks, "what can I get you guys"? First mathematician says "I'd like a pint of beer please." The second one says "I just want a half pint." The third one says "a quarter pint". The bartender listens for a while and then stops them. He pours out two pints and says "you know, you guys really ought to know your limits."

It's just paper

But it's fantastic.

I mentioned earlier the box of paper given to me at age six and what a tremendous gift that trash paper was for me. Had I been offered a pirate's treasure, keys to a new car, a house, or that box of paper then I'd have no concept of value, none whatsoever, and I'd choose the paper and feel like a paper king.

So it wasn't that big of a gamble to buy some for a nephew that age going through coloring books at a fast pace, as projects. But I wasn't expecting him to be overjoyed. My brother reports he keeps freaking out repeatedly.
Hi Bo, if you were the one that sent some card sheets to Daniel you hit the ball out of the park, he was surprisingly overjoyed on several occasions. He's always coming into the office here at home and grabbing paper to staple together for a book creation or taping sheets together and making a long story paper. I very surprised how happy he was to get some stiff paper to draw and put onto the walls here at home.

That was the second email that day. In the first one he said he felt bad for not mentioning earlier how the boy fixated on the animals coloring book, obsessed, until the book was done then went straight to the book about birds.

A ream of card paper and suddenly whole worlds of creative expression open up.

That made me happy. My brother is going to have card paper all over his house, put up on all the walls. His whole house will be wallpapered with children's drawings.

Thinking about this presented an idea for another book-card apropos of nothing in particular, one depicting the early development of paper. People by the river among papyrus rushes, people stripping plants, cutting stems, smashing the stems with rocks. People arranging smashed stems in rows and laminating criss-crossing in layers and smashing together damaged stems, drying, bleaching, grading, bundling.  A page devoted to early writing. And the point of the whole project, a deflection, a page of boys flying papyrus kites, that for some reason, isn't a reality. (Probably a devotion to national projects at the expense of idle experimentation and general goofing around.)

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Shame and shun, distance and denounce.

I had the oddest exchange with someone the other day. As an example he brought up OJ Simpson. As OJ Simpson is about as neutral as it's possible to get these days, I'll just stick with him.
The example was... Would you hire OJ Simpson to be your crime reporter? (Okay, he mentioned an actual news company, but that's not neutral, so I'm skipping it.)
My response was supposed to be "Oh dear GAWD, NO!"
And I've been trying to figure out why. So I asked why.
And the response was that clearly I did not believe that OJ was guilty, or I would react with horror. And I ought to read up about the murders.
I do think he's guilty. I also think that the idea, the concept, of a really awful criminal becoming a crime reporter is a profoundly interesting one. It's a *job* after all, and people do need to find jobs after they're done with prison. Provided someone has skill as a writer, why not? OJ might be too well known, but maybe some other felon.
Had the guy asked "Would you allow your friend to *date* OJ Simpson?" my response would still not be outrage, it would simply be "No." So I really did try to figure out why this person thought that this example would make his point. There are people I don't trust, that I know are thieves (arrested and convicted) and I'm not going to put them in charge of the books. People I know with morals I disapprove of, but we give understanding where we can, advice if it's requested. If something doesn't require a call to the police, then apart from topically appropriate caution, what do people expect, what did this guy expect?
I suppose that there is a social context where people of good virtue made a point of crossing the street to avoid the woman with the painted face, that a reputation required that one did not associate with sinners or even appear to notice that those without social approval existed on the edges of your world. Where allowing your children to play with the children of the wrong family (or race) or where some shame made you and yours untouchable socially. One out of wedlock birth and your whole family could be ostracized.
Because even speaking to the wrong person could destroy your social standing, and no one could risk it.

And I thought we were past that a long time ago.
But I'm seeing it now, more often, in more situations. This or that person has an unapproved lifestyle, a belief that Good People no longer believe, something in their past, an association with someone else unapproved. And you are supposed to shame, supposed to shun, supposed to distance, and supposed to denounce.
ALL decent human beings are horrified by OJ Simpson's horrifying murders. The expectation is, that of *course* you will gasp in horror, and insist that this monster should never be allowed any place, forever, in society. Matrons should raise their hems and cross the street and shake the dust from their skirts, making sure that everyone knows that they feel properly.
And I refuse. If OJ Simpson can write, hire him as a crime reporter.