Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Vatican issues decree on Burials.

Vatican Issues Decree on Burial, Cremation, Just Before ‘Month of the Dead’

by Thomas D. Williams PHD Breibart News October 25, 2016

The Vatican has published new guidelines regarding Catholic burial and cremation just in time for Halloween and the beginning of November—the “month of the dead.”

While expressing a preference for Christian burial, the new Instruction makes allowances for those who wish to be cremated, but specifies that their mortal remains cannot be scattered in the air or at sea, preserved in mementos, kept in the home or divided up among family members.
The norms issued by the Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith are meant to uphold the importance of the body in Christian theology and to avoid “every appearance of pantheism, naturalism or nihilism” that can be associated with the scattering of ashes, the document states.

"Campus police to probe ‘offensive’ Halloween costumes, students told"

Members of Tufts University’s Greek system have been told they could face “serious disciplinary sanctions” — including a possible investigation by the campus police — for wearing Halloween costumes that offend peers or make the campus community “feel threatened or unsafe.”

The warning was part of a letter to the presidents of fraternities and sororities on campus signed by various Greek Life council leaders, who asked the chapter presidents to relay the message to their members.

Via Twitter: http://www.thecollegefix.com/post/29616/

"Uber Self-Driving Truck Packed With Budweiser Makes First Delivery in Colorado"

With a police cruiser in tow, the 18-wheeler cruised more than 120 miles while a truck driver hung out back in the sleeper cab, the companies said. The delivery appears to be mostly a stunt—proof that Otto, the self-driving vehicle group that Uber acquired in July, could successfully put an autonomous truck into the wild.

"We wanted to show that the basic building blocks of the technology are here; we have the capability of doing that on a highway," said Lior Ron, the president and co-founder of Uber's Otto unit. "We are still in the development stages, iterating on the hardware and software."

Via Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Futurology/comments/59ai6j/uber_selfdriving_truck_packed_with_budweiser/?st=IUPX102G&sh=79504e8d

Kremlin In Turmoil After Clinton Foundation CEO Requests “Urgent And Immediate” Asylum

Western Sentinel October 23, 2016 (link to original story)
An extraordinary Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today says this morning President Putin was “officially presented” with a Main Directorate for Migration Affairs (GUVM) of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MVD) “file for review” relating to a request for “urgent and immediate” political asylum requested by an American citizen named Eric Braverman—who was the former CEO of the Clinton Foundation, and is known as the man who can expose “The Real Hillary Clinton Scandal. [Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.

Requests for the granting of political asylum in the Federation, this report explains, is regulated by a separate government resolution rather than the Law on Refugees and is issued to those seeking “asylum or protection from persecution or a real threat of becoming a victim of persecution” in their home country for “social-political activities or convictions that do not contradict the democratic principles recognized by the international community and norms of international law”—and though Russia has the world’s highest number of asylum applications, political asylum requests are very rarely granted.

"She voted straight Republican and the vote had changed to Clinton!"

In Amarillo, a woman was shocked to see her ballot flip from Republican to Democrat.

“Gary and I went to early vote today,” wrote Lisa Houlette on Facebook. “I voted a straight Republican ticket and as I scrolled to submit my ballot I noticed that the Republican straight ticket was highlighted, however, the Clinton/Kaine box was also highlighted!”

“I tried to go back and change and could not get it to work. I asked for help from one of the workers and she couldn’t get it to go back either. It took a second election person to get the machine to where I could correct the vote to a straight ticket,” she added.

Meanwhile, in Arlington, Texas, another voter reported a similar experience.

“I had a family member that voted this morning and she voted straight Republican,” wrote Shandy Clark. “She checked before she submitted and the vote had changed to Clinton! She reported it and made sure her vote was changed back. They commented that It had been happening.”

Via Drudge:http://www.infowars.com/report-votes-switched-from-trump-to-hillary-in-texas/

hey, hey, we're the jurists...

Did I show this already? Because I don't think I did. And I don't see it in dashboard. And yet that déjà vu thing is happening again really hard this time. I found it in .psd form in a file named, "backup these" and with no .gif and it wasn't finished like I stopped half way through. It had only 7 frames screen grabbed from a video. I had to double them to bring them forward then double again to reverse them or else they would snap back to the beginning. 

The source video clip is distressingly short to begin with. What caused me to stop and tuck it away was the realization that to continue I would have to fill in the background that they vacate, and outline the group for all seven frames, enlarge them incrementally and set them against seven new filled backgrounds. And I wasn't up to it that day way back then. So here you go. 

This was trippy. Totally mental. Tediously outlining felt like a transportation back in time and onto a beach in late afternoon when these blokes were alive and when they were young and silly. "Hey you guys, let's get a shot of us walking together like a bunch of dopes." So they did. Like minded, they behaved as one. 

baseball pants

That yoga pants controversy cuts both ways, you know. It's been a year and some months since one man alone disgusted an entire stadium all at once with his painfully overly tight pants, and that's not even counting the far greater number of people outside the stadium disgusted by broadcast and internet viewing. And numerically this is a thousand times worse than a hundred women in yoga pants parading past one man's house. Here, be disgusted all over again.

Did I just now say disgusted? I meant to say flabbergasted and sent into laughing fits. Who can be this self-unaware?

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Real rockers for Trump:



The most important chemical element according to the Duke:


So, did you bring any Au?


No, just Pb.

amy schumer is in trouble again

Check out the video at the link 

Hold it Pilgrim.

Tom Doniphon: [Valance has tripped Rance in the diner, causing him to spill a tray of food] That's *my* steak, Valance. 
Liberty Valance: [laughing] You heard him, Dude. Pick it up. 
Ransom Stoddard: No! 
Tom Doniphon: Pilgrim, hold it. I said you, Valance; *you* pick it up. 
Liberty Valance: Three against one, Doniphon. 
Tom Doniphon: My boy, Pompey; kitchen door. 
[Valance looks and sees Pompey at the door holding a rifle] 
Floyd: I'll get it, Liberty! 
[Doniphon kicks Floyd in the face as he bends down to retrieve the tray]

hong kong on duct tape